Keeping Goals in 2010: A Success Strategy

Today, I was sent a great email from Karen Sladick at regarding a success strategy for keeping goals in 2010.  It is an important reminder to keep goals that are attainable and measurable…Karen says this,

{How Are You Going To Keep Your 2010 Goals?

I’m not a believer in New Years resolutions. Why? Because most people make New Year’s resolutions without creating a plan of action. “I resolve to work smarter.” “I resolve to be more organized.” “I resolve to exercise more.”

These are all great resolutions, but what needs to happen each day to achieve the goal? Without an action plan, it is almost impossible to stay on task and reach your goals.

I encourage all of you to develop a rolling 12 month plan. Instead of focusing on the idea of a year long resolution, make a monthly schedule of goal related tasks and reminders. Keep your focus on 3 month periods of time, and add and drop months as you move through the year. At the end of every 30 days, evaluate your progress through the previous 30 days and through the previous months. This way, if you get off track, you can reevaluate and keep working towards achieving your goals.}

I hope this information helps and I wish you the best in this brand new year!  We have many opportunities to accomplish great things in the days to come–all for the glory of our God!

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