Rain drops, please keep falling?!

Cold.  Wet.  Chilly.  Rainy.  It’s a beautiful day here in Virginia!    Whenever it rains, I am reminded about the power of perspective.  At this time of year, many begin to experience what some call, Seasonal Affective Disorder due to weather and climate change.  Dr. Nichols here at the AACC has been teaching this profound principle:  “God’s Word influences my perspective.  My perspective influences how I respond.  My response influences the outcome of the situation–100% of the time!”

It is important, to see that perspective means everything.  For example, one can choose to focus on the wet, cold, chilly and messy aspect of rain or focus on the fact every rain drop brings with it the ability to nourish new life.  I am reminded of the song Bring the Rain by MercyMe,  “I am Yours regardless of the clouds that may
loom above because You are much greater than my pain.  You who made a way for me, suffering Your destiny…So tell me, ‘What’s a little rain?’”

Today, may you be blessed and encouraged in your walk with the Lord and experience power through your perspective!

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