Let Go

The following is a devotional written by my colleague, Leonard Davidson.  It touched my heart and challenged my thinking today!  Be blessed…

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know that I am God”.  Another translations says, “Let go…Relax…and let me be God”. Everyone has struggles.  Family.  Marriage.  Children.  Finances.  Health.  Everyday “stuff”.  But for some, your struggle may be more than the daily junk.  Your burden is intense.  Overwhelming.  You can’t breathe.  You feel as if you might drown.  Simply trying to “get through one more day”. And you have a death grip on life.  Not just in an attempt to “hold on”, but clutching to the hope that you can somehow “fix it”.  We have all been there.  I have been there.

And then steps in God.  If you are a Christ Follower, He is more than “God”.  He is your Father.  Well, more than a Father.  He is your Daddy God.  Gently meeting you where you are.  And He says, “Hey…since I am already God, how ‘bout you just let me be Who I Am.  Let me Do what I Do.  Let go…Relax…Let me be God”. Hard to do?  You bet!  Difficult to get our minds around?  Definitely!  Contrary to what our minds cry out?  Absolutely!  Worth it?  Oh my…

And so, wherever you are in this journey called life…  at the place you find yourself today…  take a minute.  Breathe deeply of His Love.  Soak in His Grace.  See Him standing beside you.  Then Let Go. And when you release your grip, your burden falls at His feet…a very good place to leave it.

Be Blessed today,

Wasted on Jesus,


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