What Others Are Saying About Amy

There are only a handful of counselors across the country that I unreservedly trust to refer to friends and family. Amy Feigel is one of those people. If you’re wanting to sit down with someone I’ve known for years who has clinical excellence, a compassionate heart, and a wealth of wise counsel for the issue in front of you, then choose to make the call and make an appointment with Amy.
John Trent, Ph.D.
President, StrongFamilies.com
Author of The Blessing and founder of The Blessing Challenge


If you want a therapist who cares, exudes warmth and empathy for whatever life problems you face, Amy Feigel is the one to see. After being a part of the Extraordinary Women tours, Ms. Feigel brings her clinical training and business sense to Light Counseling and is a valued part of the team. I highly recommend Ms. Feigel as a counselor for anyone who needs a little help dealing with life’s difficulties.

Linda Mintle, Ph.D.,LCSW, LMFT

Author, Speaker and Assistant Professor Eastern Virginia Medical School



Navigating through life’s challenges is not a simple journey. Numerous times, we travel down paths that are unfamiliar and frightening. It’s easy to become paralyzed, overwhelmed by our circumstances and incapable of moving on. At times like these we need someone to clarify the process and encourage us in the task. Amy Feigel is that person. Any lasting and enduring counsel must originate in truth and Amy uses not only her knowledge, skill and endearing compassion as a therapist but relies heavily on the truths of God’s word. As a clinical professional, Amy commits to whole-heartedly serving anyone who seeks her expertise. I sincerely trust and highly recommend Amy Feigel.

Linda Armstrong, RN;

Co-Host for Good Morning Radio on the Spirit FM Network

Day Sponsor Co-coordinator



Amy is one of the best Christ-centered professional clinicians I know. I highly recommend her.

Tim Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT

President of the nearly 50,000 member American Association of Christian Counselors and Founder of Light Counseling, Inc.


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